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Consulteco s.r.o. is a company operating in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic in the field of consulting in chemistry and environmental services. The company (originally under the name Ing. Radka Vokurková) works in vocational consulting since 1998, which guarantees the quality and professionalism of the services. Our services are focused on solving current issues related to the implementation of legal and other standards of the chemicals and the protection and creation of the environment in the particular circumstances of the client.

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ADVISORY AND CONSULTANCY in the practical implementation of legal norms on the chemistry and environment in terms of specific client organization.

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Training for CASEC users

Regular seminars for new and existing SW CASEC users

Join us either in Mladá Boleslav or Klokočov, the Vysočina Region Current information on the locations and dates see www.casec.cz Only for the Czech Republic and in the Czech language.  


SW for keeping a database of the chemical substances and mixtures, for creating labels, rules for handling and other reports required by legislation HSE, and the environment.



01. January Mladá Boleslav or Klokočov

Regular seminars for new and existing SW CASEC users

Join us either in Mladá Boleslav or Klokočov, the Vysočina Region Current information on the locations and dates see czech page for Courses www.casec.cz Only for the Czech Republic and in the Czech language.


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CASEC program from Consulteco s.r.o. we have been working with and have been working with the company since 2012. The CASEC program helps us in the system setting of used chemicals and mixtures in both departments and laboratories. This year, we updated the NCHLS Handling Rules (discussed with KHS) for all 3 ONK sites, ie Cologne, Kutna Hora and...
Oblastní nemocnice Kolín, a.s. nemocnice Středočeského kraje
MUDr. Jaroslava
Oblastní nemocnice Kolín, a.s. nemocnice Středočeského kraje
We have been cooperating with Consulteco s.r.o. and Ing. Radka Vokurková since 2005. The consultancy takes place in the whole area of environmental protection, including the EMS management system. It's always a nice co-operation, a quick solution to the problem, and securing everything you need. Thank you!
TI Automotive AC, s.r.o.
TI Automotive AC, s.r.o.
We have been cooperating with Consulteco s.r.o. for the third year. Their professional approach in environment consultancy is at a high level. Through regular meetings, findings, trainings, audits, and recommendations, the environment has shifted us a lot. The CASEC program also helps us with chemical substances and their rules for handling. I can...
Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Mladá Boleslav, s.r.o.
Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, Mladá Boleslav, s.r.o.
For years, Consulteco has been providing comprehensive environmental advice and ISO 14001 standards. Another invaluable tool to ensure trouble-free operation of the area is CASEC, which helps us to tackle the issue of chemicals and mixtures in full compliance with valid legislation. I can strongly recommend cooperation with Consulteco.
Faurecia Interiors Pardubice, s.r.o.
Faurecia Interiors Pardubice, s.r.o.
We would like to thank you in this way for your cooperation and support in addressing the issues of handling chemicals.By using the CASEC program we have improved and made more efficient the evidence of chemical substances used in our company's operations.For example, we use this program to create "Rules for handling with dangerous chemicals",...
ŠKO-ENERGO, s.r.o.
Ing. Jiří
ŠKO-ENERGO, s.r.o.
We have been cooperating with Consulteco s.r.o. since 2014, and their CASEC program for working with chemicals has proven usable in both the administrative and the operational sectors. The program greatly simplified our work on updating the "Rules for handling with dangerous chemicals". It also significantly simplified and saved the reporting time...
Procter&Gamble Rakona
Procter&Gamble Rakona
I have been working with Consulteco employees for many years, both in open form and in joint engagements, or in the form of mutually beneficial professional consultations. The range of people working in the company is very wide, ranging from the work of the Comprehensive Environmental and Nature Conservation Act, through the transport of dangerous...
Ing. Oldřich
Petira, CSc.
Ing. Oldřich Petira, CSc.
Excellent cooperation with Consulteco s.r.o.. Immediate solutions and possible queries. Training is excellent, clear and very helpful. We use the CASEC program because it is a great time saving for us. For my colleague, I have a good control of our UN codes for our pooling chemicals. I also use MSDS creator, excellent. I'm also thrilled to have an...
M+H, Míča a Harašta
Ing. Eliška
M+H, Míča a Harašta
We have been cooperating with Consulteco s.r.o for three years as a consultant in the field of chemicals handling. At the beginning of this year 2017, we decided to extend our cooperation and acquire the CASEC program. CASEC is a user-friendly program on a professional level. At the same time, Consulteco s.r.o provides 100% service support,...
Legios Loco a.s. use the SW CASEC from Consulteco s.r.o. as a database of chemical substances, for writing written rules, processing of major accident prevention reports, labels, etc. since 2016. It is a top-notch program on the market, with regular updates of legal regulations in the chemical legislation within the European Union. Our...
Legios Loco a.s.
Mgr. Šárka
Legios Loco a.s.
The Casec program was introduced in ArcelorMittal Tubular Products Karvina 2 years ago in 2015. This is a very clear database of safety and technical sheets. With simple controls, there is the ability to quickly search for and classify important information required by current legislation.The premises are far more extensive, it is not so easy to...

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